Wireless Beltpacks WBP-202HD


WBP-202HD “Compact Series” dual channel wireless beltpack is the brand new version of the WBP-202 (discontinued). Compact Series beltpacks offer an unmatching price-quality ratio, with a low-size design, impressive range and remarcable autonomy.

WBP-202HD allows simultaneous or independent communication with two separate intercom channels (selectable A, B or A&B). As in every ALTAIR wireless beltpack model, antennas are located inside the enclosure allowing a more comfortable belt fitting.

Please note that a maximum of 2 x dual channel wireless beltpacks can be connected to one dual channel wireless base station (WBS-202HD or WBS-202). Furthermore, the two dual channel beltpacks must be connected to different RADIO links (one to RADIO 1 and one to RADIO 2).

Battery status can be easily checked using the front panel led bargraph and several options can be also activated front the front panel (Buzzer & Vibrator ON/OFF, phantom power for electret headsets, etc.). Furthermore, the beltpack features a low-consumption “call receive” mode and general low power circuitry to maximize autonomy.

“Out of range” indication helps the user be aware of the coverage area and prevent possible communication dropouts.

WBPC-202HD beltpacks are re-charged using the WBPC-200 charger (find this product in the “Headsets & Accesories” tab).


  • Range: Typical 50 to 350 m around base station.
  • Wideband Audio:100Hz – 7kHz when used along with any ALTAIR “HD” base station.
  • “MIC” Button: New “MIC” button, more accessible, placed on the upper side of the beltpack.
  • Estimated Battery life: 10 hours in full Duplex mode. / 50 hours in Call receive mode.
  • Battery type: NI-MH. 3,6 VDC pack.
  • Charger: External case/wall mounting charger allowing 4 beltpack charging.
  • Headset connector: male XLR-4 pin “mini” .
  • Headset type: Selectable, dynamic or electret.
  • Controls:Call. Volume level. Mic On/Off/PTT. Buzz On/Off. Vibrator On/Off.
  • Indicators: Call. Battery status, Low Batt. Mic On/Off. Buzz On/Off. In Range led. Vibrator.
  • Call Notification System: Light, Vibration and Buzzer.
  • Dimensions/weight: 120x80x25 mm / 175 gr.


    • HEADSETSWBP-202HD beltpack is compatible with the following headset models: WAM-100WAM-100/2WAM-100SWAM-100/2SWAM-100/2SEC (in-ear) and WAM-100/2L  (lightweight).
    • BASE STATIONSWBP-202HD beltpack is compatible with the following ALTAIR base stations: WBS-200HD, WBS-202HD & WBS-202.
    • CHARGER: WBPC-200 (find this product in the “Headsets & Accesories” tab).


  • Wireless Intercom Beltpack WBP-200HD/WBP-202HD Brochure

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