Mobile Military Shipping Case

Military standard, waterproof IP 67. waterproof, dustproof, crushproof;


Item NO.: RR152842

INTERIOR (LXWXD): 420*285*150mm(16.5”X11.2“X5.9”)

EXTERIOR (LXWXD): 508*373*177mm(20“X14.7”X7“)

Weight: 4.5Kg(9.9lbs)

Lid Depth: 48mm(1.9‘’) 

Base Depth: 102mm(4“) 

Material: PE

Waterproof: IP67

Warranty: Conditional Lifetime Guarantee

Wheels: Without


RR152842 Military shockproof cases with various sizes enjoy great popularity from governments . We have cooperated with American governments, Russia governments , India governments and so on for many years. It is enjoying good quality with lockable performance. 

★Rugged packaging solution – one piece construction that is virtually stress free

★Lightweight and resilient products

★Excellent load-bearing properties

★Uniform wall thickness

★Molded in scratch-proof graphics

★Ability to produce multi-wall moldings, which can be hollow or foam-filled

★Thick corners and ribs for increased impact resistance

★Recessed hardware and molded-in valance extends the useable life of container

★Inserts for panel mount equipment, and racks

★Range of interiors, removable or molded-in, capable of providing total protection

★Dent and fracture resistant Polyethylene

★Resistant to most chemicals and solvents

★Resistant to Fungus

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