Altair E-200 Wired Intercom Series offers many different headset options, all of them delivered with a female XLR-4P connector.

AM-100 & AM-100/2

AM-100 (dual earpad, image above) and AM-100/2 (single earpad) are ALTAIR´s most used intercom headsets. Reliable and long lasting, these models perform great in a wide variety of situations, and all spare parts can be ordered for proper maintenaince.

AM-100/S & AM-100/2S

Both “S” models implement interesting advantages: better noise insulation and rotatable microphone boom. Microphone is switched ON/OFF when moving the microphone UP/DOWN. These models are strongly recommended for those professionals working in loud environments. All spare parts can be ordered for proper mantenaince. (Image: AM-100S dual earpad headset, left ; AM-100/2S single earpad headset, right)

AM-100/2L & AM-100/2SEC

These two models were added to the catalogue in order to ensure the suitability of our systems to every user and situation.

AM-100/2L (left) can be used as seen in the picture or using the included over-the-ear accessory in order to make it even less visible. AM-100/2SEC (right) is perfect for those applications requiring an almost unvisible headset, and allows two different microphone operation modes: PTT (Push To Talk) and VOX (always active).

Spare parts for these models are not available.

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