DALI and DMX hybrid controller

As the architainment industry continues to grow, it converges more and more with the traditional architectural lighting market. Visual Productions enters the architectural segment with the development of the DaliCore; a lighting controller for the DALI protocol.


Control DALI

The DaliCore is an application lighting controller that supports DALI, including DT6 and DT8. An ideal solution for a stand-alone DALI installation as the DaliCore takes care of the commissioning and daily control of the DALI fixtures.

Trigger by many protocols

In the case of combined DMX and DALI projects, the DaliCore also obsoletes the use of DMX to DALI converters. The DaliCore can receive any entertainment protocol like DMX, Art-Net or sACN, and trigger the required DALI control message. A strategy that results in much smoother dimming curves as opposed to converting real-time DMX values to DALI values.

Control DMX

Although the DaliCore’s DMX port could be used for conversion, it is in fact intended to facilitate hybrid DALI and DMX installations. With the DaliCore you can select lighting scenes that comprise both DALI and DMX fixtures, featuring RDM to discover and configure the DMX lights.

Part of the family

By incorporating the DaliCore in the DALI network, the lighting system can be expanded with all the other control equipment from the Visual Productions product range. The DaliCore has a seamless connection to, for example, the B-Station button panel, Kiosc customisable GUI app, Kiosc Touch wall-mount touch screen and the CueCore2 advanced DMX lighting controller.


  • DALI port (64 fixtures)
  • DT-8
  • DMX-512 port (RDM supported, optically isolated)
  • 4x GPI port (contact-closure or 0-10V)
  • Ethernet
  • UDP
  • TCP (in)
  • OSC
  • Art-Net
  • sACN
  • DIN Rail mounted

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