After years of experience in the intercom field, ALTAIR launched the “EF-204” base station as an all-in-one solution for those professionals requiring both ease of use, versatility and multiple channel operationThe power supply in this master station will power every device connected to the intercom network (up to 60 single channel beltpacks or 20 desk stations). In case of short circuit at any point of the line the unit will shut down, with an instantaneous recovery after the problem is fixed.

The four channels are provided with independent “TALK”, “LISTEN”, and “CALL” buttons. Link between channels can be selected using the front panel buttons.

Thanks to its built-in digital processor, every ALTAIR device (E-200 Series) can be remotely controlled from a base station. This system allows the user at the main base station to execute different functions that will affect all the devices in the network, such as “MIC KILL”, remote buzzer switch-off, latch or PTT mic switching, etc. These functions are specially useful when working in silent environments where acoustic calls are not an option. In this case we will use the luminous “CALL” function.

The station incorporates a program input (mic/line) with level attenuator assignable to any of the four channels and mic output to address messages to the P.A. from the headset operator. Also, relay contacts are provided, being these associated to the “PA” button in order to help the installer automate multiple tasks (“tally”, speaker switching, cue lights,etc.)

EF-204 can be used as a main station to control and power all the intercom system or as a desk remote console in complex multichannel installations.



  • Voltage Operation +12 to +30 VDC
  • Dynamic Range 80 dB
  • Side-Tone Cancellation adjustable from 0-30 dB @ 1KHz
  • Microphone Limiter Range 28 dB
  • Recommended wire type: Sheilded Mic cable 2 x 0.30mm² 
  • Call Threshold 3VDC


  • Power requirements:90 to 250 VAC / 50-60 Hz/ 40 Watt.
  • Dimensions/weight:19″”X210 mm, 1U HE / 3 Kg.


  • Microphone Type Dynamic/Electric
  • Input Impedance 4K7
  • Nominal/Maximum Level -45 dBu (H)/-20 dBu(L).
  • Limiter Range 28db
  • Presence Filter +6 dB @ 4700 Hz
  • Phantom Voltage +9 VDC (internal preset).


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