CR-2 Dual channels wireless microphone system

CR-2 Dual channels wireless microphone system

A highly cost-effective dual channel UHF wireless microphone system that is compatible with smart phones (3.5mm interface), digital / SLR cameras, camcorders, recorders, tablet computers and other devices to help pick up high-fidelity audio. This product is suitable for interviews, Micro movie recording or business presentations. The main feature is that both the transmitter and receiver use high-brightness OLED displays to display corresponding product information and support Chinese and English language selection. The infrared is automatically SYNC and locked to the selected application frequency. The transmitter supports Mic and Line interfaces, volume adjustment, RF output power adjustment and so on. The receiver supports headphone and output volume adjustment, with AFS function. Working range is about 60 meters.

Product features
High fidelity
•  UHF dual channels wireless transmission, providing high-fidelity audio source;
Widely compatible
•  Widely compatible with smart phones, digital SLR cameras, camcorders, recorders, and personal computers;
DSP digital audio companding
•  DSP digital audio companding, using 48KHz audio sampling rate, to minimize noise in the wireless transmission system;
Real-time monitoring
• Output volume and monitor headphone volume can be adjusted independently;
Feature Anti-Interference
•  Multiple switchable frequency or use AFS function to achieve operation without environmental interference;
•  The transmit power is adjustable;
IR Infrared
•  Infrared frequency is automatically SYNC and the corresponding frequency is locked;
Convenient design
•  Use OLED display to display corresponding product information, brightness can be adjusted, and support Chinese and English language selection;
•  The receiver and transmitter are powered by two AA batteries;


RF Carrier Range:470~960MHz
Frequency Stability:0.005%
Operating Range(environment dependent):≥60M
Companding:Relacart classic audio companding circuit,
Audio sampling rate:48KHz
Audio Frequency Response:50Hz~1600Hz ±3dB
Dynamic Range:85 dB
Signal-To-Noise Ratio(A-Weighted):80 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion:≤1%,@1KHz
Operating Temperature Range:-10℃  ~  +50℃


Tuning Bandwidth :470~960MHz
Receiving Mode:superheterodyne
Image Rejection:45dBm
RF Sensitivity:When input 10dbu, S / N ≥ 45dB
Squelch  Adjustment:Built-in setting parameters;
Frequency Sync:Manual key setting or infrared transmission
Maximum output Level :LINE:0.5Vpp  Phone:1Vpp
Adjustment range of audio output level:9 levels adjustable, attenuation adjustment, every 2dB step;
Output impedance:400Ω
Power Requirements:AA 1.5V  x 2
current consumption:3V  160mA
Battery Life:≥7 hours
Overall Dimensions (mm):95 x 65 x23
Net Weight:110g(without battery)

Handheld Transmitte:CR-2T

Switching bandwidth:470~960MHz
Frequency Generation:PLL
RF Output Power:13.5dBm
Carrier deviation:0.005%
Harmonic emissions:-32dBm
Nominal/ Peak deviation:± 65KHz
Max. Input Level:250mV
Gain Adjustment Range:4 levels of adjustable settings, every 3dB step
Frequency Set-Up:    Manual key setting or infrared transmission
Power Requirements:AA 1.5V  x 2
current consumption:battery powered:130mA
Battery Life:≥ 11 hours
Overall Dimensions (mm):95 x 65 x23
Net Weight (without battery):100g(without battery)

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